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Medical Job Search with is a job search website that has both the standard features of being able to search for jobs and find employers, as well as the unique ability to promote and feature your resume. You can use the majority of’s features for free, though they do have a couple premium features to get you the maximum possible exposure. Here’s how to use

Step 1: Create Your Account

Start by creating your account. Fill out your name and email in the lower right corner.

Proceed by giving Beyond the rest of your personal information, including your current job status and how much you’re looking to earn in your next job.

Step 2: Industry & Resume

Tell Beyond what industry you’re in and how much experience you have. Then copy and paste your resume into the “Resume” box.

Step 3: Search

Type in a skill or job type you want to find, along with your location.

Click any of the results to bring up more details on that specific job.

Step 4: Apply

Read through the various description until you find a job you’re interested in. When you do, hit “Apply” to apply for the job.

Step 5: Setting Up Alerts

Want to get emailed whenever a new job hits your area? Click “Manage Searces/Alerts” in the right sidebar to set it up.

Click “Create New Alert” on the alerts page.

Then specify the criteria a job needs to meet for you to get emailed.

Step 6: Featured Resume Listing works in two ways. Job seekers can go and search for jobs; but employers can also come and search for employees through their resumes.

Posting your resume on is free. However, you can choose to feature your resume to get more exposure. Featured resumes are placed on top of the listings, ahead of the non-featured ones.
To get featured, click “Featured Resume Listing” under “Resources.”

There are three pricing options: $10, $20 and $30. Someone who pays $10 gets ranked ahead of someone who’s free, someone who’s $20 gets ahead of anyone who paid $10 and someone who pays $30 gets ahead of everyone.

Step 7: Resume Distribution Service also offers a resume distribution service. Instead of waiting for employers to come to you, the distribution service sends your resume to a large list of prospective employers and staffing agencies.
To use the resume distribution service, click “Resume Distribution Service” under “Resources.”

Choose which service(s) you want to sign up for, then complete your order. is like a regular job search site, with a few paid bonuses you can use to get yourself some extra exposure. Using, you can find employers who’re ready to hire right now, as well as place your resume in a position to be noticed on a more long-term basis.

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