Finding a Medical Job on CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is one of the largest job search websites online. According to Google Ad Planner, CareerBuilder gets 38 million unique visitors a month in the United States – That’s 10 million more than its largest competitor,
CareerBuilder is 100% free for job seekers to use. You can use CareerBuilder to find jobs, to setup alerts for jobs as they come onto the market and to upload resumes that prospective employers can search. Here’s how to use CareerBuilder.

Step 1: Perform a Search

Type in a keyword on the left and a location on the right to begin your search. Alternative, you can search by job categories.

If you want more search options, just click “Advanced Search.” Advanced search allows you to sort by temp or part time work, exclude keywords, search multiple categories and more.

Step 2: Narrow Your Job Search

Once you get the search results in, you may want to narrow down your results. You can narrow the results by category, by corporation, by location or by posting date.

Step 3: Apply for the Job

In the search results page, you’ll have the basic details of each job, including a short description, the corporation name, the location and the posting date.

Upon opening the job, you’ll be presented with much more details, including pay expectations, job requirements, when the job starts and a full description of responsibilities. When you see a job you’re interested in, just click “Apply Now.”

The application process for each company is different. Companies process their own online applications rather than having you go through a CareerBuilder interface. CareerBuilder will collect your email address, then send you along to the company’s own internal application system.

Step 4: Setup Job Alerts

Job alerts makes it easy to keep track of when new jobs hit the market. Using job alerts, you can set specific criteria and filter for CareerBuilder to be on the lookout for. Whenever a job matching what you’re looking for comes up, CareerBuilder will send you an email.
To setup an alert, go to “Find Jobs” > “Setup Job Alerts.”

You’ll be asked to create an account.

Then enter your keywords, location and the frequency that you want to get alerts.

If you want to be more specific, you can use the “advanced” section to specify more criteria.

Step 5: Post Your Resume

Instead of actively applying to jobs on the market, another effective way of getting in touch with employers is to post a compelling resume. This allows employers to find you, rather than the other way around.
Start by clicking on “Post Resumes” in the navigation bar.

Then pick a method of creating the resume. You can either upload or paste, or build from scratch.

If you choose to upload or paste, you’ll be taken to a simple interface where you can either select your resume file, or just paste in your resume from a Word document.

If you choose to build it from scratch, you’ll be taken to CareerBuilder’s “Build Resume” interface. Here you can add relevant job experience, skills and other important data.

That’s how to use CareerBuilder to find a job. You’ve learned how to search for jobs, how to apply for jobs, how to setup alerts and how to post your resume for employers to find.

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