Apogee is a Latin term meaning "the highest or farthest point from an object or in orbit" which is where we try to place our applicants, at the "pinnacle of their careers," or from an employer's standpoint, the best applicant for their needs!

Apogee specializes in all Allied Health Care, Nursing, Radiology, Pharmacy, Therapists, & Medical Administrative Professionals.

Medical Job Search with Beyond.com


Beyond.com is a job search website that has both the standard features of being able to search for jobs and find employers, as well as the unique ability to promote and feature your resume. You can use the majority of Beyond.com’s features for free, though they do have a couple premium features to get you […]

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Craigslist for Finding Medical Jobs

Craigslist is the largest free classified ad system in the United States. Because it’s free for most employers to post jobs, Craigslist often gets much higher volume than paid websites. On the flipside, for the same reason, employers who aren’t as serious may put up job ads “just to test the waters” as it doesn’t […]

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Finding a Medical Job on CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is one of the largest job search websites online. According to Google Ad Planner, CareerBuilder gets 38 million unique visitors a month in the United States – That’s 10 million more than its largest competitor, Monster.com. CareerBuilder is 100% free for job seekers to use. You can use CareerBuilder to find jobs, to setup […]

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Finding Medical Jobs on Monster.com


Monster.com is the world’s first online job search website. It started out in the beginning days of the internet, when loading a webpage took minutes instead of fractions of a second. Over the years, it has built an incredibly strong international brand. Monster.com is completely free for job seekers to use. There are two main […]

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